Most of us think that making millions off the internet is almost like winning the lottery but for one lucky guy it was hard work but total

Fun as he said. Edward Soltan started an online website it’s a forum for online tech chat about Electronic Medical Records.

He started it from his apartment. Bought a domain and got right to work on the site. It took about a month to get everything in place on the website. Within the first week the website had hits from all over.

Then there was the emails asking if EMR software companies can

Place ads on the website. Mr. Soltan decided to not put any ads

On the website even though that could generate some nice revenue.

3 months later the website had thousands of users and became

Very popular among others in the EMR software sector. Mr. Soltan

Said that running a site that becomes popular and starts getting a lot

Of web traffic becomes more difficult to run. You need to be the administrator of the site and make sure everything is working And running smoothly.

He spent some nights going in to the early morning making changes to the site and updating the site. Emails by the hundreds daily which was

Time consuming. One year later he was approached by a company that

Was looking to add some tech websites to their portfolio and offered a hefty sum for the site. The sum of a million dollars for the site. He sold the website and said the money helped start his next venture.