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Google Docs: Why You Should Use It

On how we are using our computers today, Google docs is a software that has truly changed and revolutionized this aspect. With Google docs, you are able to store and edit data online, and moreover, it is a service offered for free by Google. Real time editing and viewing documents is made possible with Google docs, and not only that, you can do it with your friends, colleagues, or associates. Among the wide variety of editing applications Google docs offers are word, spreadsheet, and presentation making softwares. With Google doc’s word and document processing application, you are able to share articles, memos and documents with your workmates and associates. The spreadsheet applications offered by Google docs allows you to share data that concerns company reports, as well as budget proposals and financial statements with your workmates. With Google docs, document processing and sharing files is made easier, and taken a step higher.

At this point, you may ask yourself, what are the other perks offered by Google docs if I decide to use it? First and foremost, using Google docs is relatively low cost. Most document sharing applications and websites out there do not allow you to use their services for free, but instead charge you a price for their services> Google docs not only allows you to use their services relatively for free, but it also allows you to edit and process your documents for free, and in real time with your colleagues.

And the real time feature mentioned is another good benefit of using Google docs. Provided you use it properly, Google doc can save you a lot of hassle and file mismanagement as well as with your colleagues. Let’s say you are a project manager, and you require files from your associates so you can edit and proofread them. In using Google docs, you are avoided the hassle because you and your colleague could just submit, upload, edit and view documents in real time on each of your accounts. Each of you, your colleague and you can then view these changes and edits on your respective accounts. This allows you to avoid creating a lot of documents, drafts and edited files and sending them back and forth with your workmate.

You don’t even need to concern yourself with the security of these files. Because with Google docs, you can edit the security options to allow a select few to open the files, specifically just you and your associates.

Google doc is very user friendly too, if you know basic document editing software such as those provided by Microsoft, then you won’t have a hard time using Google docs.

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