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Things to Think About When Getting a Vasectomy Reversal

There are actually a lot of men to who decided to reverse their vasectomy shortly after they have it done. Vasectomy reversals could make it all possible to return to a normal state of being potent. Many people are saying that vasectomy reversal has a low success rate, but such statement is groundless. Believe it or not, men who have undergone vasectomy can easily have it reversed even after 40 years. Many patients have enjoyed the pleasure of pregnancy and fatherhood after they have undergone vasectomy reversals.

To ensure the success of vasectomy reversal, one must make sure that he or she only hires a doctor that has the experience and the knowledge. The doctor who will perform vasectomy reversals should also be equipped with skills and knowledge. It is also very important that the doctor or the surgeon had undergone proper training. The very first attempt of vasectomy reversal is of critical importance, determining the success results in the long run. Vasoepididymostomy is a technique conducted in order to reverse a vasectomy, most especially in cases where the sperm channel is clogged. A suture that is finer than a human hair is used in such microsurgery procedure.

You must know that there are two kinds of success results that are categorized in vasectomy reversal. The first kind of success results is where a patient is able to conceive, and the other is the ability to ejaculate sperm. The possibilities of pregnancy heavily depends on other factors rather than just the patient’s capability to fertilize. If the vasectomies are located near the testicle area of the patient, then he should expect that the vasectomy reversal procedure would be much more difficult.
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The patient might be fertile again 6 months after the operation if he has a history of being fertile. There are also other factors that will influence the success rate of a vasectomy reversal. Factors such as how fertile the man was, his sperm count and how long ago the vasectomy was perform. The man has the freedom to choose a vasectomy reversal at any point and time in his adult life. In fact, there is no particular time frame within which the man can decide whether or not to have it done. However, it is better to do it sooner. Keep in mind that the success rate of vasectomy reversal begins to decline right after 15 years of the actual vasectomy procedure.
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If you are planning to have a vasectomy reversal, you need to make sure that you only hire a reputable doctor who got what it takes to do the job flawlessly.